BioBlueprint Lab Analysis

What You’ll Be Learning

Lesson 2 Chapter 1 Module 1

What You'll be Learning

Learning to read your bloodwork

The purpose of this course is to teach you how to interpret what your labs are revealing about your health. The emphasis of the course will be on the lab analysis and recommendations, followed by a solid introduction to nutrition and fitness.

What You'll Be Learning

  • How to read and make use of advanced labs
  • What health changes you need to make to improve your health
  • Fundamentals of Nutrition, Exercise, and Supplements

What You'll Need

  • Extensive labs with advanced markers to give a better picture of your health
  • Interactive workbook to be used during the course, but can be used again for future labwork 
  • Classes will be via Zoom. Make sure to have zoom installed. Each class will be 1 hour. I will teach for 30 minutes, open for Q&A for 30 minutes.

Scope of the Material

  • The LIVE teaching will be focused specifically on the labs that we are covering and the goal is to established a baseline level of knowledge
  • We will be covering a lot of material, but there is always even more in-depth testing available. We probably won't be able to get into other speciality testing during the teaching phase, but we can definitely cover those topics in weekly coaching calls