Let's Get Started with
the BioBlueprint Program!

One of the key components to the BioBlueprint Program is getting advanced labwork. We'll be shipping you a blood draw kit that you can take to one of Vibrant America's Lab Draw Locations. Please complete this by June 4th, 2021.

If there are no draw centers near you, search for "mobile phlebotomy" or "independent phlebotomy" to see if a phlebotomist can come to you to complete the blood draw. You'll want to call and make sure they will do the draw for an outside lab.

To ship the kit out and order the labs, please fill out the form below:

Getting Labs Done When You Enroll

When you enroll, we need to get labs done ASAP so we have results to review at the online teaching. Depending on your geography, you may have to travel to get the advanced labs included in this program.

Check with Vibrant America for their Lab Draw Locations 

Go to Vibrant's Website to see if there are any draw centers near you.

If you're able to go to one of their draw locations, you're in luck. If not, you'll have to try one of the options below.

Search for In-Home Mobile Phlebotomy

Use a search engine to search for "mobile phlebotomy" or "independent phlebotomy" and see what services are available in your area. These mobile services will come to your home to draw your blood. Call them first to make sure they know you have your own tubes and that they can work with an outside lab.

Check with Local Urgent Care Clinics, Doctor's Offices and Hospitals

Some local doctors offices, Urgent Care clinics, and/or hospitals will offer phlebotomy services for a fee. You'll have to call around to inquire.

Please Mark Your Calendar

Labs Must be Drawn by June 4, 2021 to ensure results arrive in time.

Please get your blood drawn by June 4th to ensure we have the full results by the time the course starts. If it's drawn later than June 4th, there's still a good chance we will have them back in time. The absolute latest draw date with no safety margin would be June 12th.

Live Online Course begins June 21st.

The course will be held on the following dates:

  • Monday June 21st, 5:30pm CST
  • Tuesday June 22nd, 5:30pm CST
  • Wednesday June 23rd, 5:30pm CST
  • Monday June 28th, 5:30pm CST
  • Tuesday June 29th, 5:30pm CST
  • Wednesday, June 30th, 5:30pm CST (if needed)

Weekly Coaching 

Included in the Program is 8 weekly Q&A Coaching Sessions to help ensure success. Date and Time TBD