I'm passionate about using everything I know to get the best outcome for my patients.

My Goal is to Empower My Patients with Knowledge They Can Use to Change Their Lives

I needed more to help my patients — and myself.

Tell me if you’ve ever felt this way…….

You are tired all the time and struggle to get through the day. You don’t feel like you have the energy to be your best at work or at home. 

Or maybe you feel really great. You take care of your health, but you're looking for the next level. You want to know how to keep being at the top of your game.

You've learned about better health on the internet, but you can't find a doctor who "gets it".

You want to be at your best health but don’t know how to get there. You’ve hired personal trainers and nutritionists, watched YouTube videos, listened to podcasts and read blogs hoping to find answers. But you haven’t been able to find the right answers for YOU.

My Health Journey

Years ago I was getting ready for my cousin’s wedding…..

As I put my pants on, I noticed I had to suck in my gut to get them buttoned. When I put on my shirt, I couldn’t close the top button around my neck. My suit jacket felt like it had shrunk two sizes. Obviously I had put on weight.

As I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I realized the problem was much deeper than my ill-fitting suit. My weight had risen, my energy had dropped and I no longer had the overall excitement for my life that I used to.

As a doctor I assumed I already knew everything there was to know about health. But when it came to solving the issues I was struggling with, I realized I didn’t know anything.

After a bit of research, I found a medical practice that focused on optimizing health and wellness. They used a combination of tests that went much further and deeper to get to the root cause of what was preventing my success.

Once I knew what my body was telling me there was no more guessing. I knew where to focus my efforts and with repeat testing, I began to see the results. I lost weight, my energy levels went up, my skin was more vibrant and I looked younger.

I was so impressed with this approach to healthcare that I became Board Certified in it.


I decided to focus my career on helping patients get the same improvements in health that I experienced after witnessing my own results as a patient.

About Dr. Bhavesh Patel.

Dr. Bhavesh Patel is an expert in Age Management Medicine and Optimal Health, an area that is under-discussed but has huge implications in vitality and longevity. Dr. Patel is a Board Certified physician who has been in clinical practice for over 20 years, save for a 2 year stint on Wall Street where he worked as a research analyst covering Biotechnology and Pharma companies at an investment bank. For those years, he attended every major medical conference and interviewed top researchers across the country to understand and form opinions on the latest cutting edge research in drug development.

However, realizing that the torture of worrying about other peoples money was much more stressful than saving lives in the ER, he decided to return to medicine. But rather than focus on disease and problem-pill based medicine, his interests had shifted to optimal wellness and preventative medicine. He founded the Chicago Cenegenics practice over 7 years ago and has treated hundreds of patients looking for optimal wellness. Optimal wellness and age management relies on an integrated and comprehensive approach of testing and management to achieve outstanding health and vigor. Extensive testing and education that addresses nutrition, fitness, nutrient supplementation, hormone management, and medical management — synergistically together as a whole system — are the key levers that need to be pulled to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Patel is also trained in Functional Medicine, an integrated discipline that considers the body as a whole organism rather than a collection of separate organ systems.