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Finally, You Can Feel Good Again

Finally, You CAN Feel Good Again

Have you been searching for a way to get in the best shape ever?

Have you been looking for advanced testing, but can't find a provider who is like-minded?

Have you been looking for advanced medical care but keep getting turned down by your regular doctor?

Have you been struggling with routine testing and routine treatments that don't address the the underlying cause?

I've been dedicated to helping patients achieve a life of health and vitality for over 20 years. It's based on best practices gathered from traditional medicine, functional medicine, integrative medicine, and eastern medicine.

Using a patient-first mindset and a ground-up, in-depth analytic approach, I empower my patients to optimize their health through knowledge and understanding.

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An Advanced Approach to Medicine

Patient Empowerment

I believe that our job as physicians is to educate patients with the right knowledge — knowledge that empowers you to take charge of their own health. 

Functional Medicine

While traditional medicine uses pills to solve single problems, Functional Medicine considers how the body works as a system to get to the root cause of ailments and correcting the problem at the source.

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Empower your Health

How Can Dr. Patel Help You?

Whether you've been struggling with a health issue or if you're wanting to maximize your health, our comprehensive approach to wellness can help you.

Transform Your Health with the P.A.T.E.L. Method


Patient as a Person

It all starts with You. Your individual and unique health. Achieving excellent health absolutely requires an approach that is focused on YOUR uniqueness, not the traditional approach that treats everyone the same regardless of individual health needs and goals.


Advanced Assessment

We start with a comprehensive assessment of your current state and health and your specific health goals where it comes to energy, fitness, physique, vitality, sleep, longevity, and more.


Thorough Testing

Routine testing leads to routine diagnoses and routine treatment. Routine testing doesn't give enough useful information that you can use to optimize your health. But with advanced testing you can learn exactly what your health status is and what treatments are right for you. It's important to know what tests are available to help you.



It's important Learn how to evaluate and understand test results. What do the tests mean and what do they mean for you? I believe it's important to empower the patient with the knowledge to understand exactly how to read their own tests and make the right health choices.



Learn the right lifestyle choices when it comes to exercise, nutrition, and supplements. The combination of the right exercise, nutrition plan and supplements are transformative.


Check what our clients say about us

I have been working with Dr. Patel for over three years and am continually impressed with his level of care and engagement. He is the best physician I have ever met, and has helped me improve my health dramatically.

Brad K.


I have been a patient for over 8 years. Dr. Patel is absolutely amazing! My body fat has gone from 28% to 14%. I have the energy and stamina of a 30 yr old.

Jim Z.


The knowledge level of Dr. Patel far exceeded my expectations. The program is tailored towards my individual needs and the results I have experienced are very exciting.

Tim D.


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